Renewing India : Renewable Energy in India

Renewables are defining the energy future for India. Wind, sun, biomass and water are fuelling this drive. India is moving ahead step by step. Spanning across the states of Uttaranchal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala, Renewing India takes you through some of the milestones in India’s journey on the path of alternatives. This film is divided in five short segments- each highlighting hydropower, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind energy and biomass. The film brings out how renewable energy has been a catalyst of change for many people living in rural India who had no access to modern energy. It also documents how renewables in India have sparkled in every sphere-be it technology, innovations or...

Closed cell Spray foam insulation being applied to a auto shop

In this video you will see an application of Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation that was applied to the roof deck of an auto repair shop in Ladson South Carolina. Before this application the Auto Repair shop was having issues where the nails securing the sheet metal roof were backing out due to metal movement from the wind causing water leaks as well as a very uncomfortable environment from the heat. This application of Closed Cell Spray foam has added about 200%-300% structural stability locking the metal roof into place and preventing movement, thus eliminating the nail problem and at the same time greatly reduced the thermal transfer of heat keeping the shop cooler in the summer and water proofing the metal...

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation – Asheville, NC

Home Energy Partners: This is a great production by History Channel that covers the basics of spray foam insulation.

Business opportunities in Renewable Energy

In this Show we covered solar powered water Purification system Swajal, also understand rising opportunities in Renewable Energy sector from Mr Amit Kumar, Regional Programme Advisor REEEP Awwaz

Touch ‘n Foam Pro Spray Foam Insulation: Key Benefits

There are dozens of small gaps, cracks and holes around your electrical outlets, plumbing and electric lines. In fact, there are so many holes that when added together, they equal the size of an open door that allows the outside air to come right in. Using Touch ‘n Foam Professional to fill these gaps can drive down energy costs by as much as 30%, and give your heater/air conditioner the break it...