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“Help us to complete development of the Ocean Energy Turbine designed to replace Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy Dependence.” Back this project and make the world a better place:...

Tiger Foam Spray Foam Insulation Example

Spraying Tiger Foam, the world’s best spray foam insulation. Easy to use, DIY & completely disposable.

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Narrowboat Sprayfoam insulation and DIY fitting out

The 60ft narrowboat shell, custom built by ALEXANDER BOATBUILDERS of Stourport, had been launched in October. By the following May, all of the noggins, cut from sheets of 9mm plywood had been fitted to the internal steel angle, using self tapping screws into drilled holes. We had fitted out a 40ft shell some years before, but this task had now taken substantially longer than planned due to the sheer number of internal girders and anchor points which needed to be drilled. With the hatches, windows and doorways sealed with clear plastic, and all of the timber noggins faced with brown sealing tape, the day for the sprayfoam insulation arrived, and the boat was positioned as close to a roadway as possible. I was advised to keep distant from the extreme vapours produced by the chemical spray, and so I lazed on the towpath, used the video camera for the first time in months, and bought fish and chips in Stonehouse. The protective overalls and mask – complete with pumped air supply and rotatable plastic bag (to retain vision in case of overspray) looked like something from a science fiction film. By late afternoon the insulation was complete, and needed very little trimming. That evening we spent an hour or so removing the brown tape from the face of the noggins, and swept the floor. Two weeks later, Severn Plywoods delivered the plywood to Fretherne bridge enabling me to load, with the great assistance of Mike Ayland, direct from lorry to boat. The timber comprised 9mm oak faced ply for the end bulkheads and lining below gunwales, 25mm oak faced blockboard for internal bulkheads, a sheet of hardboard to use as template when cutting bulkheads, together with 18mm and 24mm ply for constructing a raised floor inside the rear hatch. By the time of the Saul Junction boat rally the boat was lined with plywood below the gunwales, and my family were able to stay on board for the rally – albeit using a camping stove, plastic washing bowl and airbeds. In good weather this makes great boating. We knew it was important to resist the urge to go cruising and concentrate on the fit out, so it was just a few weeks later when we collected the T&G Ash planking for the roof lining and cabin sides from Nicks Timber in Gloucester who had machined it to order. This is a quality company who give practical advice. They also supplied the Oak used for door frame linings and for the panelled folding doors to the shower/toilet compartment. These doors were cut and assembled on the towpath. I used routed oak frames held together with biscuit joints, and “back to back” 9mm oak faced ply as the panels. Because of the hardness of the Ash, individual holes had to be drilled for every panel pin. It was nearly six months later before the roof lining was complete, and the following summer when the diagonal planking was completed on the cabin walls. I avoid using the words “boat completed” because there are still small tasks to tackle. “Mystic Lady” is well insulated and sleeps five in comfort with a 13ft lounge just as we planned. The hull swims and handles well, with responsive and easy steering, whilst the Beta 42HP engine and the Aquadrive coupling perform superbly – and certainly exceed our expectations. We managed to incorporate recycled materials such as 30mm Ash from an old bar top from a pub in Oxford, Oak recovered from a pew purchased from Lonsdale Road Methodist Church (Gloucester), and some cast metal (with brass numbers) coathooks from a primary school in Gloucester. These make excellent supports for a shank of rope. Brass threshold strips were cut from what had been a brass rule (imperial) fitted to an old lathe which had been scrapped from a factory in Stroud (Erinoid) In the fitting out process I wore out two routers a belt sander and a very nice rechargeable...

PM Modi’s Speech at Renewable Energy Global Investor’s Meet and Expo

Watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at RE Invest 2015, the first Renewable Energy Global Investors’ Meet and Expo For More Latest Videos, please check out Breaking News: http://goo.gl/rXYPWO Full Movies: http://goo.gl/mDS9IQ Film Trailers & Events: http://goo.gl/vQ6oKl Film Songs: http://goo.gl/XogNaH Ilayaraja Music: http://goo.gl/95L4gM Movies in HD: http://goo.gl/xE2LWO Health Videos: http://goo.gl/69rff6 TV Shows: http://goo.gl/BQT0x5 Comedy Scenes: http://goo.gl/bpCWe2 Action Scenes:...

Spray Foam Insulation Shrinkage 419-469-2011

http://insulationtoledo.com Spray foam insulation has been thought to be the most effective type of insulation. And, in certain situations, it is a good insulation. But recent studies have brought some negative aspects to spray foam, and these are facts that we feel homeowners should at least be aware of as they’re considering insulating their homes. Spray foam insulation fills the space where it’s sprayed. As it dries (or “cures”), it shrinks. Along the outside edges of where the foam is applied, channels are created. These channels allow the warm air from inside the house to rise and flow up through these newly created channels. Spray foam insulation is one of the more expensive forms of insulation. When you take into account this shrinkage that spray foam has, the result is you that actually end up paying more, for less insulation! Think about that for a moment. In addition to the expense, there are some health risks that have been assoicated with foam insulation. Something to consider: When spray foam is applied, insulation installers must wear special suits and respirators! That alone should tell you something about the potential health concerns. Also, when foam insulation is applied, the homeowners have to be away from the home from anywhere from 7 hours to as long as 3 days, depending upon the material and manufacturer’s specifications. Spray foam can be an effective form of insulation, but in very specific circumstances. At Insulation Toledo, we use many different forms of insulation, including cellulose insulation, fiberglass insulation and, yes, even spray foam insulation, in particular situations. Feel free to call and we’ll be happy to look at your insulation project and give you a recommendation about the different options you may have available. Call us at: (419) 469-2011 Also, we have recently taken on a new product, which is a spray insulation product that is NOT a foam. (We like to call this an alternative to spray foam. We’ll be happy to show you this insulation product as well. Just call us with any insulation questions you have, at: (419) 469-2011 And you can visit us on the web at: http://insulationtoledo.com Please connect with us on some of our other social media sites: Google+:https://plus.google.com/102266836916799622849/posts Google+ (social): https://plus.google.com/107983536254237818348/posts Yahoo: http://local.yahoo.com/details;_ylt=A0oG7jozSOFSKnYAXjlXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0dDE2am52BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1ZJUDM1MV8x?id=154094522&stx=insulation&csz=Toledo+OH Bing: http://www.bing.com/local/details.aspx?lid=YN873x130863922&q=Insulation+Toledo+Toledo+OH Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/INSULATIONTOLEDO Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/InsulationOhio Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/insulate_toledo Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100308580@N06/ Insulation Toledo 6553 Angola Rd Holland, OH 43613 Spray Foam Insulation...

Wall Foam Insulation for Existing Homes

Information on insulating your existing home with sprayfoam insulation. Call Rheis Asbury 763-383-8386 or visit (sprayfoamequipment.com)