Welcome to the IrishBanjo Resource Room. This section contains links to articles, papers, presentations and brochures related to  biomass gasification and clean energy.

Title :   Future Energy Resources Corporation
Author :    FERCO®
Source :    (4 pgs, 581k)
Date Posted :    March 2001

Title :   The SilvaGas Process from Future Energy Resources – A Commercialization Success
Author :    M.A Paisley, R.P. Overend
Source :    12th European Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for Energy, Industry and Climate Protection, Amsterdam, Netherlands (4 pgs, 397k)
Date Posted :    June 2002

Title :   A Promising Power Option
Author :    M.A. Paisley, J.M. Irving, R.P. Overend
Source :    ASME Turbo Expo 2001 ( 7 pgs, 180k)
Date Posted :    May 2001

Title :   Preliminary Operating Results From The Battelle / FERCO Gasfication Demonstration in Burlington, VT
Author :    M.A. Paisley, M.C. Farris, J.W. Black, J.M. Irving , R.P.Overend
Source :    1st World Conference and Exhibition on Biomass for Energy and Industry in Seville, Spain (4 pgs, 105k)
Date Posted :    June 2000

Title :   A Biopower Triumph – The Gasification Story
Author :    U.S. Department of Energy
Source : (2 pgs, 113k)
Date Posted :    June 2000

Title :   Gasifier Kindles Biopower Potential
Author :    U.S. Department of Energy
Source : (2 pgs, 92k)
Date Posted :    September 1998

Title :   New Gasification Technology Offers Promise for Biomass Plants
Author :    R. Bain, R. Overend
Source :    Power Engineering ( 4 pgs, 359k)
Date Posted :    August 1996

Title :   Gasification of Refuse Derived Fuel in a High Throughput Gasification System
Author :    M. Paisley, R. Litt, K. Creamer
Source :    Battelle (23 pgs, 308k)
Date Posted :    January 1990